The Student Placement Solution

JobDash is a two-in-one platform. Part one supports Career Services by helping advisors oversee student job search activity and report job placement rates. Part two educates, encourages, and empowers students to achieve employment with customized tools to chart their progress. These powerful platforms work in unison to produce successful outcomes.

JobDash - Intro

On a practical level, JobDash provides a way for you to keep organized, keep on track, and keep abreast of the latest trends and tools that can make your job search much more effective. On an psychological level, JobDash keeps you moving.

Erik, Job Seeker

JobDash - Enterprise
Career Services

Monitor Student Progress

  • Dynamic Reporting

    More efficient than surveys, our Dashboard displays real-time metrics to predict placement rates and verify outcomes. Filter data by Campus, Program or Advisor for actionable analytics.

  • Track Student Progress

    Stay connected with students as they move through their job search. You’ll be able to see when and where they’re making progress or falling behind. Know exactly what they need to stay on track.

  • Interact With Students

    Maintain steady communication with students, whether they’re based on campus or online. Send emails through JobDash to cheer them on and verify employment when they get hired.

Before JobDash, I struggled to connect with students—they just weren't interested in meeting with our department. Now they engage early and often in their job search and I can see how they're doing throughout the process.

Jacqueline, Career Services Advisor

JobDash - Student

Go From Job Posting to Job Offer

  • Goal Driven

    Students are given a strategy for success based on individual employment goals. With each task they complete and check off, they gain a sense of accomplishment that pushes them forward.

  • Detailed Reports

    The JobDash Dashboard gives students an objective view of their job search behavior. At any time they can see what they’re doing well and how they could improve to achieve positive results.

  • Powerful Coaching

    Our Coach section offers expert advice on every stage of job search to keep students calm and confident. We also send emails with coaching tips for targeted, timely support.

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JobDash gives me a process to follow that makes it easier to stay focused and organized. I also feel more confident when I apply and interview knowing I'm taking the right actions to get ahead.

Rosy, Recent Graduate

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