Career Discovery

Do you really want to find just any job?

Yes, you need to pay the bills and "any" job might help you get by, but maintaining secure, long-term employment starts with a job you love, or at least enjoy.

Before you start your job search, identify a career that suits your personal and professional goals. Find an occupation and industry that will take you where you want to be one year, five years, even ten years from now.

Occupation refers to the type of activity you'll be involved in, for example, accounting or customer service. Industry refers to the type of company you'll work for or field you'll be operating in (healthcare, retail, technology).

Start by determining your best interests. By interests, we're not talking about "basketball" or "movies," but rather concerns. Your immediate concern might be "pay my bills", however, it is possible to make rent and actually enjoy the work you do for 20-40+ hours a week. It might not be your dream job, but it shouldn't make you miserable, either.

How can you discover which jobs are right for you?

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