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How does JobDash work?

JobDash will help you create a goal for when you want to have a new job. After that JobDash will remind you what to do to achieve that goal. With JobDash you will always know what you should be doing to move your job search along.

  • Find Jobs

    This is the easy part. You can search for jobs on JobDash or add opportunities you’ve found elsewhere. We’ll keep them stored in one place.

  • Apply

    Use JobDash to create a resume then apply to positions that match your interests, skills and experience.

  • Interview

    Get email reminders before each interview with a checklist of helpful tips and directions to get you there on time. Put your best foot forward with JobDash.

  • Coaching

    Master every stage of job search, from writing successful cover letters to negotiating job offers and everything in between.

  • Compare Offers

    Before you accept, make sure it’s a good fit. What’s important to you now? How will it impact your long-term career goals?

  • Much More

    Track your progress on your personal JobDash dashboard. Know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to get hired.

What do our users think?

  • Erik JohnsonErik Johnson

    On a practical level, JobDash provides a way for you to keep organized, keep on track, and keep abreast of the latest trends and tools that can make your job search much more effective. On an psychological level, JobDash keeps you moving.

    Erik Johnson

  • Jazmin MarshallJazmin Marshall

    I was just starting a remote job search (looking for jobs in the Pacific Northwest, while I’m currently in Atlanta), and Job Dash really helped me organize well and keep track of where I was in the process for the many jobs I had on my radar.

    Jazmin Marshall

  • Tyler HydeTyler Hyde

    I think most of my friends' misconceptions have to do with the time and effort that it takes to secure employment. I don't think they realize that it can take months regardless of what kind of degree you have or where you went to college. I think that the Coach section of JobDash would have been extremely helpful to read and use as a resource while still in school.

    Tyler Hyde

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